Pumpkin Patch

Catch a ride on the Pumpkin Wagon over to Monsen's Patch

How does it work?

First you'll hop on the Pumpkin Wagon and ride across the street to the patch. Once there you can pick your very own pumpkin right out of the patch. Some are even still on the vine! After you've selected your pumpkins you'll catch a ride back to the Farm Playground to pay for your pumpkin and continue your fun-filled day.

What kinds of pumpkins do you have?

We offer all kinds! Whether you are looking for traditional orange, white, bumpy, smooth, warty, tiny, or giant, we have it all! We also offer a variety of gourds and squash.

How much do the pumpkins cost?

The pumpkins range in price from $1 to $15. It all depends on the size.

Don't forget to snap some photos on the wagon and in the patch.
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